Top Ice Breaker Games For Adults

Every adult party needs good ice breaker games! Things can be awkward as guests start to arrive for a party, especially if your guests are not very familiar with one another prior to arriving. The following games will get everyone talking and opening up to one another so they feel more comfortable.

Truth or Lie

This is the grown-up version of truth or dare which is typically played by high school kids. Have small pieces of paper and pens on hand and ask each guest to write down a couple true statements and one false statement about themselves. You can do this when they walk in the door or prior to the party.

Once a small group has arrived ask them to go one by one reading their statements and allowing other guests to guess which statement is not true. As more guests arrive they can join in.

There are no winners or prizes with this type of game, but it will get everyone talking and some of the statements are bound to be funny so your guests will get in a good laugh. This is a casual game that can be played as guests enjoy finger foods or snacks.

The Magic Word

This is a game that can be played with many different variations, with most lasting throughout the entire party. You may even want to have a small reward to be revealed at the end of the game when the party is about over.

You hand a lei, necklace, or some type of ring or shirt pin to each of your guests when they first arrive and then tell them a “magic” word that cannot be said at any time during the party. Make the word something that is commonly said in regular speech to keep your guests on their toes.

The objective is for guests to collect the most leis or other objects that you handed out by taking them from other guests. When a guest says the magical word another guest who tricked them into saying it or heard them say it can take their lei.

Cup Stacking

Children aren’t the only ones who enjoy stacking cups! Have plenty plastic yet durable cups on hand and a sturdy, flat surface completely empty. Every guest that walks through the door must take a cup (or more if you don’t have that many guests coming) and stack them on top of the other guest’s cups.

As more guests arrive the mountain will grow and the obstacle of not knocking everyone else’s cups down will intensify. If they are all knocked down and a lot of guests are still arriving you can start all over.

This is a fun game to take pictures of, but make sure to capture the moment the tall cup mountain comes crashing down!

Name Tag Facts

This is a fun game that works wonders in groups of people who are all complete strangers. Give each guest a larger sized name tag when they arrive and ask them to write one interesting fact about themselves on it then put it on their shirt. Your guests have something literally written on them to start conversations with one another.

Ice breaker games do not have to be complicated and with adults you don’t have to waste money on rewards. Anything that gets guests talking will work!

Practical Parenting – Fun Games for a Good Memory

Having a good memory is important. It is vital to remember things that you’ve read and discussed with others. You can improve your child’s memory (and your own) with practice.

Here are a couple of fun games that you can play anywhere. They can help to keep your brains active when travelling or waiting for an appointment. No equipment is needed – always a handy thing!

Shopping List Games

1) Children need to practice to develop their short term memory. A good game to encourage this is the shopping list game.

Adult -‘I went to the store and bought an apple’

Child -‘I went to the store and bought an apple and a sausage.

Adult -‘I went to the store and bought an apple, a sausage, and some carrots.’

Child -‘I went to the store and bought an apple, a sausage, some carrots, and a cake.’

Take turns. Each time repeating the list that has been said before and adding an extra item.

2) This type of game could be played using a meal theme.

Adult – ‘For lunch I had a bowl of soup.’

Child – ‘For lunch I had a bowl of soup and a slice of bread.’

Think of other themes that you could use. If you were playing this while you are on holiday it could be things that you would pack in a suitcase.

For Older Kids

To make the game more difficult you can start each new item with the next letter of the alphabet. For the shopping list game the items could be Apple, Beans, Cookies, Doughnuts and so on.

This is a fun way to spend time with your child and keep your brains active too.

Cornhole – Simple and Fun Game for Everyone

Whether you want to play a game with your friends in your backyard or is planning a good game for a special event like a team gathering or occasions like birthdays, playing the cornhole game is definitely a brilliant idea. One of the biggest advantages of playing it is that it could be played by almost everyone from young children to adults. Play it with your child, play it with your wife, or play it with your dad. Not to take anything away from modern games or activities but it is rare that you can find a game these days that is ideal for people of different ages and gender.

This game could be played by anyone since it does not require a special skill. As long as you have the ability to throw a small bag filled with grains of corn or beans in a direction, you can be as competitive as other players. The gameplay is also very easy to understand so even little children can easily learn the rules and can compete with adults or play the game among them. First-timers won’t have a hard time figuring out the scoring and the setup of the materials needed to play the game.

Another big reason why this game is ideal for everyone is because the components needed such as the platform and the bags are easy to find and can even be made by anyone as long as some materials are available. The platform is usually made of wood and it has a hole in the center and slightly inclined. The bags are made of fabric which is sewn to hold grains. These materials mentioned can even be found right in your very own home. If not, then you can buy them at the mall or you can order online. A string could also be used to help determine a fixed distance between platforms but its use is only optional.

The place wherein you can play the game is also not a big problem. It can be played in the lawn of your house, at a park, at a basketball court, and many other different spots. Because of this, you can easily incorporate the game into special occasions such as kids’ parties and the like. It will not even consume that much of a space like other outdoor games. Setting up all the things that you need will only take a few minutes and you are good to go.

The most important benefit of playing cornhole is that it is very fun. You can play it with your sibling or group of friends anytime of the day. Though it does not involve modern technology, you can still easily pass time playing it as it is very enjoyable. You do not have to spend much in order for you to have a good time playing a game. It may not be like video games and sport activities but the fun that you will get from it is just the same or maybe even more.