Top 5 Fun Games for Kids

How to keep children entertained while ensuring their safety and learning is a big question for many parents. However with some deliberations and a little planning you can entertain your children especially toddlers by introducing them to simple and interesting games which will keep them amused and at the same time they will learn new things. These games can include both indoor games like board or computer games and outdoor games like soccer.

Being involved in fun games has physical, social and mental advantages for kids. Research shows that children who are involved in physical activity and outdoor games are more likely to be physically active adults. These games also help children develop positive attitudes, values and behaviors. Here is a list of top five (5) fun and safe games that you can play with your children any time:

Pass the Parcel

Every parent has played this game as a kid. It is a simple and safe kid’s game that makes every kid laugh and have fun. All you need is a small parcel and some music playing device. All the kids can sit in a circle and start to pass the parcel to the next kid when the music starts and as soon as the music finishes, kid holding the parcel has to perform little dance or something. Once the performance is done the game goes on again.


It is a favorite computer of handheld video game that your kids can play with a lot of interest. All your kid need to do is to move the Pac-Man through a series of mazes to avoid being caught by ghosts. In addition to being an exciting and safe kid’s computer game it also increases your child’s ability to respond quickly to different circumstances.

Scrabble Junior

Scrabble helps children learn new words including how these words are spelled and pronounced. The junior scrabble has words printed on the board to help your kids identify the alphabets and join them to form words. Kids only have to place the tiles correctly to earn points. This helps them to start learning vocabulary and some mathematics like adding and subtracting points.

Kick the Ball or Toddler’s Soccer

Kick the ball or Toddler’s soccer is best suited for two or more than two children. The game is generally played by arranging all the participants in a circle and a soft ball is placed in between the circle. Every kid is told to kick the ball to the kid standing next to him. Despite being an outdoor game it is pretty safe and harmless. Smaller goal posts can also be introduced once the participants grow slightly older.

Lego Block Sets

Though a bit old fashioned, building blocks set can still capture any kid’s attention and encourage him to assemble the building blocks to create any shape. The set includes several small blocks in square, rectangle, triangle and cylindrical shapes, children can join these block to build a house, a castle or a car. This helps in bringing out the creative nature of your kid.

Fun Online Puzzle Games For Adults

It’s 3pm Friday and you are at work. You are caught up with all your work but you need to pass time because your work day ends at 4:00pm. What can you do during that one-hour before leaving work for the weekend? Playing fun online puzzle games would be a great way of passing time. Playing puzzle games online can be an entertaining way to end your workweek. In this article I will discuss some fun online games for adults to play.

The first one I would like to mention is a game called Bejeweled 2. In this online game you match four jewels to create a Power Gem and five to create a Hyper Cube. With amazing planetary backdrops and 3D-accelerated special effects, Bejeweled 2 Deluxe is dazzling everyone. If you have never played this game before you have to give it a try. It is an original, good value, exciting, and addictive game. In this game you almost never get bored. Bejeweled 2 is very simple game that will help you relax and unwind.

The next online puzzle game packed with lots of fun is Jewel Quest III. During this puzzle you are on an adventure of jewel matching fun. It’s a challenging but fun game that has you taken all over the world collecting artifacts from just about every continent. This game is packed with great graphics. Jewel Quest II gives you the feeling of being an archeologist as you search the world for clues to solving the puzzle. A very involved gamed that will have you attached to your computer for hours.

The final game I will discuss is called Pahelika – Secret Legends. These brain-teasing puzzles feature a wide variety of challenges. You will be solving a unique series of challenges. In your journey to Pahelika find the truth behind the stories in this game. Travel to a variety of locations solving puzzles. While I will mention that this game really makes you think, the content of the game is rather fun. Pahelika – Secret Legends is a great game to pass time.

As I have mentioned in the article, these games are addictive, but you will have fun while playing them. You will be passing time yet exercising your brain at the same time. These games are also great tools for those “stressed out” days. Playing an online puzzle can certainly relax you from today’s stresses.

Fun Games For Kids Birthday Parties

Fun games to use at your next kids birthday party are right here. Just choose some of these titles and twist them a little bit. Make them match your unique party theme. For example, Simon Says can become the Mummy Says at a Halloween party or it can become The Pirate Says at a kids pirate party. Use these classic fun party games, add a new title and make it unique to your party. Give your party guests a really fun, fun, fun game session at that special boy or girls birthday celebration.

Mad Libs is a fun way to get party guests to open up. What Mad Libs do is make a story…a funny story. And everyone can help to make this story and it should be silly…that is what makes it so much fun. You begin to play Mad Libs with a basic story line. You must leave some words out and put in the kind of word that will fit there. For example, Mary blank her bike…so that blank would need to be filled in by a Verb. Mary wore a blank on her head. That blank would need to be filled in by a Noun. See…how the game goes along? Each child or guest can fill in one of the missing words and then when the words are all filled in read the story….You can find books with party Mad Libs in them or you can make up your own story line using the names of the birthday star and the party guests in it.

Chinese Whispers is another very simple game that is fun to play. Sit everyone in a circle and have someone start playing by telling them the Game Sentence. In Chinese Whispers a sentence or phrase is told to the first player. That player must whisper it to the next player and so on around the circle. When the phrase or sentence is told to the last player, that player must stand up and say the sentence out loud. What is so funny about that? Well, usually by the time the message is delivered to everyone, it has changed a great deal from the original sentence. Make your sentence something silly like “Wet dogs shake and shake to get dry” or “Dogs use umbrellas only when it rains cats and dogs”. Now you can also rename your game to fit your party theme. The Pirate Whispers at a pirate party and the Princess Whispers at a princess theme party…and have your phrase match the theme as well.

Musical Party Games are fun for everyone. Freeze Dance and Musical Chairs are two that come to mind right always when we are talking about fun musical party games for kids. With either game you need someone to stop and start the music. To play these games you will need either a dance floor area or chairs set around in a circle. With Freeze Dance when the music starts everyone begins to dance. When the music stops everyone must freeze. If a dancer does not freeze right away they are out. With Muscial Chairs you must have one less chair than you have players. Every time a player is eliminated you remove another chair. Here is how you play. Set the chairs out in a circle and when the music begins to play have all the party guests walk around the circle of chairs. When the music stops each child must sit in a chair. The one who does not have a chair to sit in is out. Let the kids who are out start on a party craft or the next activity. Now to make these fun party games unique, rename them. Royal Ball Freeze Dance or Pirates Freeze Dance will make these simple and fun party games a bit more exciting for your guests.

Pass the Parcel is an entertaining and fun party game for a kids birthday party…and adults will enjoy it too. It is another musical party game so have the music ready. It’s one of those fun, fun, fun games that has been handed down through the years because it is enjoyable. This is another game you can rename and give some new life to. To play Pass the Parcel you need a parcel and some music that goes along with your party theme. For a princess party play some Disney Princess songs, for a pirate party play What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor…lol, or for a cowboy theme party use some western cowboy songs. You can name your parcel according to your party theme too. The princesses’ package, the pirate’s treasure or the cowboys saddle bag are all possibilities for a parcel name. Okay, now, how to play Pass the Parcel. Wrap the parcel a lot. And with each layer of wrapping include a prize…it can be a small prize like some temporary tattoos or stickers, or a lollipop or whatever prize you decide upon. Sit everyone in a circle and start the music and Pass the Parcel. Stop the music and the guest who has the parcel can unwrap a layer of wrapping. Plus they get the prize inside. When a player gets to unwrap the parcel and keep the prize, they must leave the circle. Keep going until there is only one child left and of course, they get to keep the prize in the middle of all those layers.

A classic and very fun party game for a kids birthday party is Pin the Tail on the Donkey. This fun kids game is so easy to change into a new version. Pin the Crown on the Princess, Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate or X Marks the Spot are other fun ideas. Pin the Hat on the Cowboy or the Eye on Muno for a Yo Gabba Gabba party are just a few ways to turn this fun, fun party game into the perfect game for any them party. You all know how to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey…right? Each child gets a tail with two sided tape on it. You blind fold the player who is up, turn them around a couple times and then point them in the direction of the Donkey. They must try to stick the tail closest to where it belongs. The one who does get the tail close to where it belongs gets a prize…of course, you can give everyone a prize for playing. Stickers or temporary tattoos make great prizes for this kind of game…kids love them and they are about the cheapest party game prizes you are going to find.

The Pinata game is fun too. Pinatas are a traditional Mexican game. A pinata is really a breakable container for party prizes and candies. The goal of this fun party game is to break the pinata and gather all the goodies hidden inside. These pinatas come in every theme imaginable so all you have to do is pick one that matches your theme and fill it with good stuff the kids will like. Stickers, temporary tattoos, candies and small game prizes work perfectly as filling. I like the pull string pinatas. This is a game that has strings the kids can pull. One of these strings rips the body of the pinata so the goodies fall out. Then everyone tries to gather all the goodies they can. You can buy a pull sting model or you can buy a pull string conversion kit to make this kids party game very safe. To play you hang your pinata up and blind fold each child as they take a turn pulling a string. You can put the blind fold on, and like with Pin the Tail on the Donkey, spin each child and head them off in the direction of the hanging pinata. Tell them about how many steps they need to take and send them off.